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About The Cause

About the cause

SMART Recovery is a self-help, mutual-aid program that offers the chance for people to work together to examine and change problem behaviors. Group participants are there to help themselves and each other.

Problem behaviors may relate to drinking, drug taking, gambling, food, shopping, internet, sex and other issues. SMART also helps participants manage associated problems such as depression, anxiety and anger.

SMART Recovery is a practical and solution-focused program. It uses evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) tools and techniques to help people achieve their goals.

SMART Recovery, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, encourages individuals to determine a recovery pathway that is right for their needs and beliefs. Some may choose to use the program in combination with other mutual-support groups, or in conjunction with professional treatment.

SMART recognizes that there are many pathways to recovery.

Go Sober this October in solidarity with people on their recovery journey

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How We Help

SMART Recovery meetings

Meetings run both in-person and online.

All SMART Recovery meetings are run by trained facilitators, follow a standard structure, and make use of evidence-based tools and techniques.

New participants are welcome to just observe if they are not yet comfortable discussing their own issues or contributing to the meeting.

The focus of the meeting is on the addictive behavior and not on the substance itself. They concentrate on the present and future (setting goals), they do not focus on the past (no life stories!)

SMART Recovery Program

The 4-Point Program is the foundation and the building blocks of SMART Recovery.

Building and maintaining motivation

Coping with urges

Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors

Living a balanced life

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SMART Recovery Friends & Family Program

SMART Recovery uses the 4-Point Program, but with adaptations to suit the needs of friends & family of people with problematic behaviors.

The Family & Friends Program encourages the individual to focus on themselves and their own goals, which may have been neglected for some time. It teaches practical skills to the supporter to improve their own resilience and wellbeing.

Go Sober this October in solidarity with people on their recovery journey.

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Note: The Sober October fundraising campaign is not directly a part of the SMART Recovery Program. SMART’s program emphasizes abstinence as the optimal method of addressing substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors. This fundraiser should not be construed as a pathway to recovery for those who are in active addiction or are seeking ways to enter recovery through lifestyle changes. If you are seeking help with an addictive disorder, please contact SMART Recovery at [email protected] and visit us at for more information.